Bellows Assets Recently Acquired by U.S. Bellows, Inc.
Located in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Phone: (281) 241-9418 Toll Free: (855) 591-0906 Fax: (661) 587-2022 E-mail:

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Metal Expansion Joints
Fabric Expansion Joints
Pressure Vessels
Custom Fabrication;
Pipe Spool Fabrication
Process Skids
On-Site Service
U.S. Bellows, Inc.
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Metal Expansion Joints

Lortz Manufacturing supplies at full line of METAL EXPANSION JOINTS at variety of industries. From "catalog" parts to custom joints for challenging application.

Learn More About Metal Bellows Manufacturing.
Fabric Expansion Joints
Fabric Expansion Joints

Lortz Manufacturing as dozens of FABRIC EXPANSION JOINT designs and fabric materials to suit typical and custom applications.

Learn More about Fabric Expansion Joint Manufacturing.

Pressure Vessel
Pressure Vessels

Lortz Manufacturing designer and manufactures ASME PRESSURE VESSELS and API tanks. Lortz quality assurance capabilities fully support quality disciplines required for high quality pressure vessel manufacturing and testing.

Learn More About Pressure Vessels Manufacturing.

Duct Work
Piping and Ducting
Lortz Manufacturing can design, analyze and fabricate your PIPING AND DUCTING system. We can also save you time and money by integrating expansion joints the system.

Learn more information about Piping and Ducting Manufacturing.

Custom Fabrication - Skid
Custom Fabrication
In addition to products above, Lortz Manufacturing does CUSTOM FABRICATION. Over the years have manufactured process skids, bridge structures, rocket components, etc.

Learn more information about our State of the Art Fabrication.

On-site Services
On-Site Service
Lortz Manufacturing as provide customers ON-SITE SERVICES for 50 years. Our services include everything from turnkey installation on-site repair.

Learn more information about our On Site Service.

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