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Fabric Expansion Joints

Introduction: Fabric expansion joints perform the important function of compensating for duct misalignment and duct thermal growth typical in power plants and other ducting systems. Lortz Manufacturing designs and fabricates a variety of fabric expansion joint solutions to meet most applications. These expansion joint designs all have a common flexible fabric element that deforms allowing duct movement while retaining the internal media.

Fabric Materials: Lortz offers over 20 different fabric materials that can be specified based on the application. These materials are either Fluoroplastic (PTFE and fiberglass cloth) or Elastomeric ("rubber" with reinforcing plies).
Lortz Fluoroplastic fabric materials utilize the most technically advanced chemical barrier film technology. These fabric products all have PTFE film laminated to a coated fiberglass substrate. The PTFE film can be stacked to thicknesses that far exceed what has commonly been available while still retaining flexibility. Additionally, the films are crisscrossed creating an exceptionally strong, tear resistant, zero porosity chemical barrier. All of our Fluoroplastic fabrics have temperature capabilities up to 600 degrees F. By bonding fiberglass insulation to the gas side of the fabric that temperature capability can be increased up to 1000 degrees F.

Frame Styles: The flexible element is attached to a frame which is in turn either welded or bolted to the ducting or equipment. Lortz offers 7 basic frame styles that can include components such as accumulation barriers, insulation pillows, liners, deflectors and more. We are also capable of designing and fabricating custom configurations if required.

Lortz offers additional related services including the following:

  • Experienced on-site crews capable of emergency 24-48 hour mobilization
  • Heat seal iron rental or purchase for easy field splicing or repair of Fluoroplastic fabrics
  • Integration of expansion joints with Lortz supplied piping and ducting
  • Design utilizing SolidWorks modeling, visualization, and production documents
  • Design standards and materials in accordance with Fluid Sealing Association guidelines
  • A complete line of Lortz FLEXXCEL metal expansion joints
  • Education and training of facility personnel and engineering staff
  • Lortz owned and operated fleet of trucks with specialization in wide and heavy transport